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Haco - Stereo Bugscope 00 (CD/Album/2004)

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■ Stereo Bugscope 00 ■ by Haco 「ステレオ・バグスコープ 00」 HACO Tracklist / 曲目 1- Bugfield 1 "Start Up"-"Track Pad" with human operation (PowerBook G4) 2- Bugfield 2 "No Wave"-"Sleep"-"Wake Up" with human operation (PowerBook G4) 3- Bugfield 3 "CD Writing"-"Shut Down" with human operation (PowerBook G4) 4- Click from mobile phone with power off 5- Motor and LCD sound from digital audio recorder with running tape 6- Slow surface tracing around built-in machine fan (iMac) 7- Pulse from wireless router (AirMac Extreme) 8- Left and right side of machine body (PowerMac G4) 9- High frequency and motor sound of mini-disc recorder with spinning disc 10- "Start Up"-"Shut Down" with human operation (Vaio Notebook) 11- What Is Today's Recipe? *Gatefold sleeve *見開き紙ジャケット *Includes explanatory sheet of a work in English and Japanese *作品解説シート (日本語/英語) 付 The name "Stereo Bugscope" refers to a performance system that detects oscillating sounds emitted by the circuitry of electronic devices. It also signifies the act of listening to the electromagnetic world that emerges from the inside of devices such as computers, cell phones, MD players, and wireless routers through the use of two inductive microphones (pickups). The oscillating-circuit sounds come from the IC board and clock, and the electromagnetic noise comes from the electrical current that turns the fan and drives the motor. Waveforms similar to the audio frequencies of electromagnetic leakage, which is faintly emitted from machines, are also released by the inductive coil in a pickup. The sound is then electronically amplified to magnify these signals which are ordinarily so faint as to be inaudible. According to one's position in relation to and distance from the source, changes in the sound can be observed. ステレオ・バグスコープ」は、電子機器内部における回路上の動作発振音を検出するシステム。二つの誘導性マイクロフォン(ピックアップ)を用いて機器回路から発生した電磁界を覗く。 コンピュータ、携帯電話、デジタル・プレーヤー、無線ルータなどの基盤上のIC、クロック、ファン、モーター駆動などによる電磁ノイズを拾う。 機器からかすかに磁気漏れした音声周波数の信号と同様の波形が、ピックアップの誘導コイル内にも発生し、それを電気的に増幅している。これらは通常、不可聴な微弱信号である。発生源との位置、距離の関係により音の変化が観察できる。 Awarded Honorary Mention in digital music category at Prix Ars Electronica 2005 (AU) 2005年アルスエレクトロニカ (オーストリア) 受賞作品 ♪Sample / 試聴 https://soundcloud.com/hacohacodotnet/bugfield1 "通常は不可聴な微弱信号をあらわにすることで様々なイメージをリスナーにもたらすと共に、サウンドそのものがミニマル電子音響の音楽のようだ。" —Improvised Music from Japan (JP) ■ Label / レーベル ■ Improvised Music from Japan (IMJ-523) (JP) ☁ Details / 詳細 http://www.japanimprov.com/indies/imj/stereobugscope/index.html ☁ Reviews (excerpts) / レビュー (抜粋) "I say subliminal: what Haco reveals is very quiet or inaudible to the ear, but I suspect from the way my mood can change as I enter and leave empty rooms that a cumulative effect can be detected in sensitive (and perhaps even not-so-sensitive) situations." —David Toop (The Wire, UK, 2004 - January 2004) " "What interests me," she writes, "is the psychological mechanism that is triggered in us through the extraction of these sounds." Some of these devices are almost attached to us for most of the day, operating, as Haco pets it, as "an extension of our brain and body". The specific sounds they emit, when revealed at such amplification and with such clarity, are somewhat distressing in their familiarity and complexity. A simple hum would be a much simpler thing to process. But to witness so directly the sonic result of the machine in operation for our personal convenience is unsettling." —Jennie Gottschalk (Experimental Music Since 1970, UK - August 2016) “コンピュータの電源を入れる。カリカリと音をたてて起動するHD。その時、コンピュータの内側ではなにが起こっているのだろう? ここに聴かれる音は、パソコンや無線ルータ、携帯電話やMDプレイヤー、DATなどの電子機器の発する動作音や微弱信号を、ふたつの誘導性マイクロフォンを使って検出し、それをそのまま記録したものである。しかし、なんという豊饒な音響世界が繰り広げられていることか。まるでミニマル電子音響さながらのグリッチがめくりめく、これらの音たちは、現代の日常生活環境における「サイレンス」の不可能を教えてくれる。” —畠中実 (Intoxicate / Tower Records, JP - 2004年12月)

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