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Haco - Happiness Proof (CD/Album/2000)

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■ Happiness Proof ■ by Haco 「ハッピネス・プルーフ」 HACO Tracklist / 曲目 1- Element 2- Feather Time 3- Nothing But Faces 4- Mosquito 5 5- Fluid of Wisdom 6- Starry Night 7- Invisible Fireworks 8- Floodlights 9- World Art Festa 10- Oyster Song *Gatefold sleeve *Includes poster & lyric sheet (36cm x 24cm) in English and Japanese. *見開き紙ジャケット仕様 *ポスター & 歌詞シート (36cm x 245cm) (日本語/英語) 付 Musicians: Haco: all vocals, sampler, rhythm box, synthesizer, guitars (2, 4, 8, 9), tambourine (8) Atsushi Tsuyama: bass (1, 2, 5, 9), acoustic guitar (3, 8, 9), bouzouki (10), voice (9) Christopher Stephens: guitar (3, 9), voice (2, 3, 4, 6, 9) Yoshimitsu Ichiraku: drums (2, 5, 9), gong (5) Peter Hollinger: drums (1, 6) Seiichi Yamamoto: guitar (1, 6) Pierre Bastien and his Mecanium: African drums (4), violins (7), African harp (7) Kazuhisa Uchihashi: guitar and effects (4), daxophone (7) Tsuneo Imahori: guitar (5) Tadahiko Yokogawa: bass (5) Otomo Yoshihide: turntables (5) Akira Sotoyama: djembe drum (9, 10) Chikako Hidaka: Russian voice (9) 共作/参加ミュージシャン: 津山篤、クリストファ−・スティヴンズ、一楽儀光、ピ−タ−・ホリンガー、山本精一、ピエール・バスティエン、内橋和久、今掘恒雄、横川理彦、大友良英、外山明、他 “Haco and many guests (including Otomo Yoshihide, Peter Hollinger, Uchihashi Kasuhisa, Pierre Bastien amd Ichiraku Yoshimitsu with a new collection of songs, in inimitable Haco style. Nothing to explain.”ーReR Megacorp (UK) ■ Label / レーベル ■ ReR Megacorp (ReR Haco2) (UK) / Detector (MP-24) (US) ♪Samples / 試聴 ☁ Details / 詳細 ☁ Reviews (excerpts) / レビュー (抜粋) “Haco’s solo disc “Happiness Proof” occasionally tellers on the link of becoming a proper pop record, but that possibility is only one item on Haco’s crowded agenda. “Fluid Of Wisdom”, for example, starts from the scratchy menace of Otomo Yoshihide’s turntables, and moves through a kind of ‘guitar in a swimming pool’ phase before concluding with a big song, apparently delivered live to an Italian audience. Guitarist Tsuneo Imahori contributes a fine Marc Robot-Type solo. In all, six guitarists are credited on the album, including Boredoms’ Seiichi Yamamoto, and Haco has not always kept them under control. The record opens as though determined to thrash about in some hyperactive avant rock sandpit of distortion, but then proceeds to calm down, perhaps with the help of that oceanic bowl of orange pills on the cover. On “Starry Night”, Haco at last unleashes the vocal harmonies she does so well. Elsewhere, sound sculptor Pierre Bastien contributes his machines to a couple of tracks. She is at her best when assembling a landscape of colourful sounds and then singing over it, sounding like she’s not so much fronting a group, as a menagerie of pets.” —Clive Bell (The Wire, UK - July 2000)

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