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■ The Souvenir Cassette and Further Live Adventures■ by After Dinner 「ザ・スーベニール・カセット & ファーザー・ライブ・アドベンチャーズ 」 アフター・ディナー *This subscriber's edition contains a special, limited, numbered inlay sheet (12 xm x 12 cm) signed by Haco. 限定アートシート内包 (12cm x 12cm) - Hacoのサイン付 *Plus 1.5" exclusive album can badge (Produced by Fish Prints) 3.8センチ缶バッチの特典付 *Downloadable Japanese lyrics & description text (PDF) 日本語の歌詞/解説のテキスト (PDF) ダウンロード特典付 Tracklist / 曲目 1- After Dinner / アフター・ディナー 2- Kitchen Life / キッチン・ライフ 3- The Room of Hair Mobiles / 髪モビールの部屋 4- A Walnut / 胡桃 5- An Accelerating Etude / 加速度のエチュード 6- Sepia-Ture / セピア・チュール 7- Cymbals at Dawn / 夜明けのシンバル 8- A Man of Marble / 大理石の男 9- Glass Tube / グラス・チューブ 10- Soknya-Doll / ソニャドール 11- Silence / 空白 (0.10) BONUS TRACKS 12. A Boy in the Boiled Egg / ゆで卵のなかの少年 13. Silence / 空白 (0.10) 14. After Dinner / アフター・ディナー 15. A Walnut / 胡桃 16. RE 17. A Man of Marble / 大理石の男 18. Glass Tube / グラス・チューブ Personnel: Haco : vocal, piano Seiichi Kuroda: bass Mutsuhiko Izumi: guitar Ichiro Inoue: percussion Hideyuki Yamagata: drums Tadahiko Yokogawa: violin, bass and mandolin Kenji Konishi : mellotron, keyboards Tomoko Tsunoda : violin  Yasushi Utsunomiya : direction, tape operation, sub-mix Takumi Fukushima: violin Yosuke Isshiki: piano 1-10 originally released in 1988 via ReR Megacorp in the UK and Zero Records in Japan. 14-18 originally released by ReR Megacorp in 1986, 12 previously unreleased. All remastered for this edition by Bob Drake. *Digipak housed CD edition デジパック仕様 *Includes poster (live pictures) & lyric sheet (36cm x 24cm) in English. *ポスター (ライブ写真) & 歌詞シート (36cm x 24cm) (歌詞英訳) 付 Reissue of After Dinner’s 1988 live cassette and BONUS live tracks (‘86 - ’89) 1988年AFTER DINNER ライブ・カセット復刻版 + ボーナス・ライブトラック (‘86 - ’89) Newly remastered by Bob Drake. ボブ・ドレイクによるリマスター Design: Tim Schwartz | OnionProductions.com デザイン: ティム・シュワルツ | オニオン・プロダクション "A Limited Edition reissue of the original commemorative cassette released only to subscribers of the first Recommended After Dinner LP – a collection of exquisite live interpretations of the songs, recorded on the band’s first European tour (itself a technically innovative event in which they essentially set up a 5.1 system at every concert.) Great songs and great performances, full LP length. This CD edition, also includes all the Tokyo recordings released on the ReR Quarterly, 0104 in 1986 and a previously unreleased song, from the 1989 European tour. With full documentation, many new photographs, technical diagrams and an introduction by Haco, who oversaw the whole project. All re-mastered by Bob Drake" —ReR Megacorp (UK - September 2019) ☁ Details / 詳細 & Stream / 試聴 https://haco-sound.bandcamp.com/album/souvenir-cassette ☁ MUSIC VIDEOS (Created by Petridisch) - [OFFICIAL TRAILER] After Dinner - Souvenir Cassette https://youtu.be/3Kig3m5dzAQ - After Dinner - The Room of Hair Mobiles (Live) https://youtu.be/QDkwRGj1bbg - After Dinner - The Room of Hair Mobiles (Live) [3D VIDEO] https://youtu.be/ghT53GQLGwA ■ Label / レーベル ■ ReR Megacorp (ReR ADR) (UK) / Fish Prints (D 009 CD) (USA) ☁ Memoir / 回想録 ~ The Overseas Debut Tour and The Souvenir that Changed My Life ~ I look back on the day an enthusiastic letter from France arrived at our studio in Osaka, out of the blue. It was an offer from the promoter of Festival MIMI, which took place in Provence in July 1987. His name was Ferdinand Richard, and he was interested in inviting After Dinner to the festival and organizing a European tour. He liked our 1984 UK debut album on Recommended Records very much. This was like walking on air for people in their mid-twenties who had never gone abroad and were dreaming of an adventure in a fantasy land. The group of six players, two sound engineers, and a slide operator toured Nijmegen, Amsterdam, London, Zurich, and St. Rémy. We were surprised and happy at once about how much excellent feedback and warm clapping and cheering our concerts received from the audience and reviewers. For our eyes on the first tour, every scene in Europe was splendid like a picture postcard with a feeling of déjà vu. For our concert. the 4-channel surround PA speakers were set up at each venue. The sound engineer, Yasushi Utsunomiya, brought an eight-channel reel-to-reel tape player from Japan. Every performer monitored the sound of the ensemble and the backing tracks on the tape with headphones. Our playing included the concept of “ma” (space) influenced by traditional Japanese music, experimental pop rock, and musique concrete. All the concerts were recorded on a cassette Walkman with a pair of stereo microphones. After the tour. I listened to all of the material from our concerts and field-recordings of environmental sounds such as church bells, street organs, birds singing, and barking dogs beyond the outdoor stage at Festival MIMI. I copied those from cassette to reel-to-reel tape, spliced it by hand and edited an entire album. My old memories flooded back for the first time after I listened to Bob Drake’s remaster. And I realized how precious this live cassette was as a historical document of After Dinner’s career. I am eternally grateful to the labels, Fish Prints (US) and ReR Megacorp (UK) for the reissue, all the members of the 1987 tour, and everyone who supported our concerts at that time. —Haco, July 2019 ☁ Reviews (excerpts) / レビュー (抜粋) ”The result is a recording that exceeding difficult to categorize, a situation Haco/After Dinner’s music is no stranger to. Existing somewhere amidst enka, the quirky, off-kilter pop of Kate Bush, and the aforementioned field recordings, 32 years later and it’s still difficult to say that we’ve heard anything quite like Souvenir Cassette before or after its initial release.” ーTravis Shosa (Counterzine, USA - August 2019) http://bit.ly/2QnDMvf “Only taking a half-decade off between 1981 and right now, Haco has been a pioneering force of outsider "pop", psychedelic rock, ambient*, and electro-acoustic experimentalism, not just in Japan, but worldwide.” —Jacob An Kittenplan (Casstte Gods, USA - August 2019) http://bit.ly/2Qr5iIm "A album from 1987/1988 that has a pretty interesting production story and some how Fish Prints has helped reissue this on cassette/cd in the USA. It’s experimental live japanese avant pop… It’s a totally new experience compared to what i’m used to listening to. Some time it feels like a rock album some times a scary film and others a collage of blasting bass guitar. Try it out." — (Musics The Hang Up, USA - October 2019) http://bit.ly/33xzqUf

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