After Dinner - Glass Tube + Single (CD+MiniCD2005)【REMASTER/REISSUE】
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After Dinner - Glass Tube + Single (CD+MiniCD2005)【REMASTER/REISSUE】

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※This CD edition is out of print and out of stock. The digital reissue/remaster is available on Haco Bandcamp. ☁ AFTER DINNER "SINGLE" ☞ ☁ AFTER DINNER "GLASS TUBE" ☞ ※CD版セットは絶盤になっており、入荷予定はございません。デジタル復刻/レマスター版は、HACO BANDCAMP にて入手可能です。 ■ After Dinner - Glass Tube + Single ■ by After Dinner 「グラス・チューブ + シングル 」 アフター・ディナー Tracklist / 曲目 Disc 1 (CD) 1- Sepia-ture I 2- An Accelerating Etude 3- Soknya-doll 4- Shovel & Little Lady 5- Désert 6- Glass Tube 7- Dessért 8- Sepia-ture II 9- The Room of Hair-mobile [bonus track] Disc 2 (miniCD) 1- After Dinner 2- Cymbals at Dawn All words and music by Haco except (5) and (7), by After Dinner; all arrangements by After Dinner except (2) and (3), by Haco Personnel: Haco (all tracks except 5 and 7): vocals, miniature 13-string koto, plastic flute, keyboards, percussion, synthesizers, tapes, tambourine Miyuki Komori (all tracks except 2-4): guitar, drums, bass drum, fretless guitar, bass, percussion, voice Masaaki Kawaguchi: snare drum (1, 8), surumondal (5, 7) Chaka (miniCD): bass, percussion, voice Manabu Shimura (miniCD): piano, voice Yukio Fujimoto, Toru Shimura, Yoko Inui, Ayumi Torii (4): sound objects Shinichiro Taniguchi (4): narration Kaname Nakagawa (8): alto saxophone Yasushi Utsunomiya (1, 4, 6, 8, 9, miniCD): cicada, nightingale, tapes, voice, synthesizer, taisho-goto, effects, drums, glass tube, tapes, piano, bass, percussion Teppu Maeda (5, 7): Indian pipe, voice Masaharu Ito: soprano saxophone (8), marching drums (miniCD) Tanii (miniCD): violin Seiichi Kuroda (8, 9): tenor saxophone Tadahiko Yokogawa (1, 6, 8, 9): bass, violin Kogaibo-senkyu Okuda: tabla (5, 7), surumondal (9), steel drum (9) Fred Frith (9): backing vocal Produced by Yasushi Utsunomiya and Haco/After Dinner Track 9 produced by Fred Frith; recorded in July 1984 and February 1985 for the compilation LP Welcome to Dreamland Design by Takao Sugano Photo by Hideto Uchiike Tracks 1-8 originally released in 1984 as LP (45rpm) on Kang-Gung Records Track 9 originally released in 1985 on the compilation LP Welcome to Dreamland (Celluloid Records, Cell 5013) Tracks on miniCD originally released in 1982 as a 7-inch vinyl record on Kagero Records アフター・ディナーのデビュー盤となる1982年の7インチ・シングルと1984年のアルバムをリマスタリングで復刻した紙ジャケットCD盤。 Digitally remastered by Yasushi Utsunomiya (Studio HAMANO) デジタル・リマスター: 宇都宮泰 (Studio HAMANO) *3 inch CD packaged in its own paper jacket アルバム未収録シングルをジャケット付8cmCDで封入した変則2枚組 *Contains miniture booklet with lyrics in English and Japanese 変形ミニブックレット(日英歌詞) 付 *Plus obi & liner notes and track notes by Haco (in Japanese) 帯 & ライナーノーツ付/日本語解説: HACO *This subscriber's edition includes a special, limited, numbered inlay sheet (12 xm x 12 cm) signed by Haco. 限定アートシート内包 (12cm x 12cm) - Hacoのサイン付 *Plus 1.5" exclusive album can badge (Produced by Fish Prints) 3.8センチ缶バッチの特典付 *Plus special paper sleeve (With defects after many years) 別色ジャケット特典付 (経年変化による変色あり) ☁ Sample / 試聴 ■ Label / レーベル ■ Arcàngelo / Disk Union (ARC-7088-89) (Japan) ☁ Details / 詳細