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Haco Hans Jakob Marcos - Fernandes, Fjellestad, Haco & Riis (CD/Album 2006)

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■ Haco Hans Jakob Marcos ■ by Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Haco, Jakob Riis 「ハコ ハンス ヤコブ マルコス」 By マルコス・フェルナンデス、ハンス・フェルスタッド、ハコ、ヤコブ・リース Tracklist / 曲目 1- Awake 2- Crawl 3- Speak 4- Glow 5- Last Marcos Fernandes: drums, percussion Hans Fjellestad: synthesizer Haco: electronics, toys, howling pot, voice Jakob Riis: laptop Recorded at eQ Studios, Tijuana, Mexico, May 2, 2003 Mixed and mastered at Zu Casa Labs Produced by Hands Fjellestad and Marcos Fernandes Artwork and design by Andrew West *Cardboard sleeve 紙ジャケット仕様 ♪ Samples / 試聴 https://music.apple.com/us/album/haco-hans-jakob-marcos/479433348?app=music "It may seem unlikely for these four intrepid musicians from different parts of the globe to find themselves together in a Tijuana recording studio. But Haco (Japan), Hans (California), Jakob (Denmark) and Marcos (Japan/California) are accustomed to such strange circumstances. The idea (and hope) was to discover some new and spontaneous methods for mixing electronics and acoustic instruments between experienced players from different cultural locations and with very different voices. Jakob and Hans can communicate in an unusual code called danish, while Marcos and Haco have their own uncrackable code called japanese. But all four artists were able to find a common musical language, a kind of theme and variations, intentionally using limited material to explore musical moments from the inside out and create a unique atmosphere; sometimes chaotic and aggressive, often minimalist and contemplative. Their invented music appears on this cd exactly as it did during the studio session, so listeners can follow along with the conversation and interpret for themselves." ―Accretions (USA - April 2006) ■ Label / レーベル ■ Accretions Records (ALP-040) (USA/Japan) ☁ Reviews (excerpts) / レビュー (抜粋) "日本のHaco(エレクトロニクス、トイ、ヴォイス)、デンマークのJakob Riis(ラップトップ)、米国のMarcos Fernandes(ドラムス、パーカッション)と Hans Fjellestad(シンセサイザー) という3つの異なる国のミュージシャンが2003年5月、メキシコのティファナにあるスタジオに集まりおこなった録音5曲を収録。ドラムス vs. エレクトロニクスといった趣。Hacoはエレクトロニクスが主体。歌はなし、ヴォイスもわずかなので念のため。" ―Ftarri (JP - 2006年4月)

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