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VA - 25 (CD/Album/2010)

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■ 25 ■ by Various Artists Tracklist / 曲目 01- Intro Damon Holzborn - guitar, analog and digital synthesizers 02- Much Much More Composed, performed, mixed by Haco Mariko Tajiri - spoken voice; Bruno Meillier - saxophone; sampled sounds; Madoka Ichiraku - glockenspiel; tap dance from "Happy Feet" - thanks to Savion Glover. © 2010 Haco JASRAC 03- The Psoriasis Coast Bill Horist - prepared electric guitar 04-the far seam Dawn of Midi: Aakaash Israni - contrabass; Qasim Naqvi - drums and toys; Amino Belyamani - piano 05- Jazzorca en Vivo Donkey recorded live August 19, 2006 at Jazzorca, Mexico City Hans Fjellestad - synthesizer; Damon Holzborn - electronics; Marcos Fernandes - field recordings 06- Plying Composed and performed by Eric Glick Rieman on prepared and modified Rhodes electric piano. Recorded / mixed at Taos Hum Studio, Taos, New Mexico by Jeff Karsin. Produced by Eric Glick Rieman. © 2010 Water Goes Into the Air ASCAP. 07- The Keeper Hans Fjellestad - moog synthesizer/yamaha cp-80/acoustic guitar/beats/samples. A moog-heavy Nortec-inspired track from summer 2005. With special guest Rosemary "the keeper" Fajarit. 09- Synchronous Aether Composed by Jason Robinson. A multi-site networked live performance on April 25, 2010. Jason Robinson - tenor saxophone, alto flute and electronics. Buckley Recital Hall, Arms Music Center, Amherst College, Amherst, MA. Michael Dessen - trombone and electronics. Realtime Experimental Audio Laboratory (REALab), University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA. 09- Circumambulating Written, performed, recorded by Marcelo Radulovich at Tititcacaman Studios, 2010. 10- heat Marcos Fernandes - field recordings 11- Echodoor Nathan Hubbard - drumkit, echoplex, processing Recorded 2006 at Termite Studios by Nathan Hubbard. © 2006 Castor&Pollux Music 12- Solo Santiago Latorre - alto sax and electronics Accretions celebrates their 25th anniversary with 25, a compilation CD featuring some of their perennial and more recent creative contributors. 25 encapsulates a quarter century of the label's sonic experiments and suggest a trajectory for their future explorations. 日米レーベル、Accretionsの25周年記念コンピレーション。所属アーティストの委嘱による12トラック。Hacoは、エレクトロニクスのインストメンタル曲「Much Much More」で参加。2010年リリース。 ■ Label / レーベル ■ Accretions (ALP050) (USA/JP) ※Laminated paper sleeve ※紙ジャケット (光沢有り) ♪Stream / ストリーミング 試聴 Haco - Much Much More ☁ Details / 詳細

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