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VA - Sounds of Absence (CD/Album/2022)

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■ Sounds of Absence ■ by Various Artists 「サウンズ・オブ・アブセンス」 ※ Limited Edition CD / 数量限定 Tracklist / 曲目 01 – Patrick Hartono: Lockdown (binaural for headphone) 02 – Emmanuelle Waeckerlé: What is left if we aren’t the world 03 – Nicola L. Hein: New York Oh My Mind 04 – Danbi Jeung: Opacity Crowd 05 – Viola Yip: Silent Train 06 – Haco: Sho-Fuku Hill 07 – Lasse-Marc Riek: Ausgangssperre_01_01_2021_21Uhr_05_Steinheim_Hanau 08 – Cecilia Arditto: Anatomy of a Jar 09 – Juan David Bermúdez: Inner Voices (all we have left is noise) 10 – Raphael Kariuki: Defiance 11 – Dominykas Digimas: Flow Song 12 – Jim Igor Kallenberg/Joshua Weitzel/Michael Zwenzner: I am sitting in a z[u]m 13 – Wingel Mendoza: La distancia aclara una voz 14 – KMRU: Window Stills 15 – Roland Etzin: Electromagnetic Fields MTZ 16 – stefan g. fricke: K119 17 – Alvin Curran: Containment Etude 0.1 *Gatefold sleeve *見開き紙ジャケット仕様 Cover Photography by Wingel Mendoza. 
Design by Joshua Weitzel.   Sound Art Series by Gruenrekorder “Sounds of Absence collects artistic positions on the notion of absence, shaped by two years of pandemic lockdowns. The compilation is a cooperation project with the research group ARS – art research sound – at the Hochschule für Musik Mainz, led by Peter Kiefer, and curated by Wingel Mendoza and Joshua Weitzel.
In 2020, ARS initiated a website to collect sounds of public spaces during lockdown conditions, in order to capture the sound of this unique absence of everyday buzz.   In the second lockdown, as the regulations became increasingly complex, this idea developed into the compilation project. Instead of purely documenting the absence, artists from all over the world were approached and asked to contribute a piece that in some way deals with the absence and the conditions of the past two years.
Sounds of Absence hence brings together artistic positions from all continents and encompasses a wide variety of artistic approaches towards field recording and electro-acoustic composition.”   ドイツのサウンドアート・コンピレーション「Sounds of Absence」。このパンデミックのロックダウン (もしくは緊急事態宣言下) の間に制作された静謐な作品集。アルヴィン・カラン (米) やKMRU (ケニア) をはじめ世界各国の作曲家 & サウンドアーティスト達が名を連ねている。Hacoは「Sho-Fuku Hill」で一曲参加している。 ☁ Details / 詳細 https://bit.ly/3P9DDEV ■ Label / レーベル ■ Gruenrekorder (Gruen 209) (DE) ♪Samples / 試聴 https://bit.ly/3P9DDEV

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