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After Dinner - Paradise of Replica (LP/2022) 【REISSUE VINYL / 復刻アナログ盤】+ postcards/ポストカード (先着順)

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  • + 4 post cards 特典付 - Shipping only in Japan

    4,560 JPY

■Paradise of Replica■ By After Dinner 「パラダイス・オブ・レプリカ」 アフター・デイナー ※ Limited quantities . Please note that not this item is available for shipping outside Japan. ※数量限定。1回につき1枚のみオーダーが可能です。このアイテムは国内のみ配送いたします。 ※初回限定ポストカード付きLPセットは僅数の販売になります。再入荷の予定は今現在ございません。 ※返品交換品はございませんので、予めご了承くださいませ。 *First-time vinyl reissue of After Dinner's album "Paradise of Replica" (originally released in 1989, remastered in 2000). *AFTER DINNR のアルバムLP『パラダイス・オブ・レプリカ』(1989年リリース、2000年リマスター版) の初アナログ復刻盤。 *LP/45RPM vinyl record (high-quality sound) *LP/45回転レコード (高音質) *Includes 8-pages booklet (lyrics, photo, & recording data) *英語歌詞/写真/レコーディング・データを掲載した8pのブックレット付 Tracklist / 曲目 Side A: 1. Paradise of Replica 2. A Walnut 3. Kitchen Life I 4. Motercycle 5. Kitchen Life II Side B: 6. Ironclad Mermaid 7. Dancing Twins 8. KA-NO-PU-SU-NO-HA-KO 9. I'll Just Go Birdwatching Music and words by Haco (1-7, 9), and music by Tadahiko Yokogawa and words by Haco (8) © 1989 [JASRAC] Arranged and produced by After Dinner Remastered by Haco at Mescalina, and Tetsuya Kotani at Omega Sound, 2000 Art direction: Takao Sugano Photographs: Hideto Uchiike Originally released in 1989 on RecRec Music (CH) / Zero Records (JP), and released in 2001 as a CD edition "Paradise of Replica / Paradise of Remixes" on ReR Megacorp (UK) / Detector (US) / Bad News (JP) ♪STREAM & DIGITAL ALBUM / 試聴 & デジタルアルバム https://haco-sound.bandcamp.com/album/paradise-of-replica "After Dinner’s Paradise of Replica is a concise nugget of tomfoolery that occupies a whimsical no man’s land between art pop, Japanese folk music and full-assed Art Zoydian avant proggery. Gentle, arcane and covertly sweeping, it typifies that friendly strain of experimentalism that Eastern music seems so predisposed towards and which curious minds find such great delight in. Assembled by the enigmatic chanteuse and composer known simply as Haco, After Dinner was less a band and more of a loose art collective that utilized a plurality of different musical disciplines stapled together through free improvisation sessions. And some of this does come through on Paradise of Replica—the record is a scrapbook of bells, strings and koto humming under Haco’s ethereal vocals, and the effect, while perfectly tuneful, does come off more as a musical project than a conventional album." ーAguirre Records, Belgium - September 2022) ■ Label / レーベル ■ Aguirre Records (Belgium) https://www.aguirrerecords.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/after-dinner-paradise-of-replica-lp ☁ Reviews (excerpts) / レビュー (抜粋) "The Japanese avant-garde pop band strove to create a “sacred ambiance” on their second album, fusing unconventional arrangements with bouncing volleyballs and an eyes-wide air of wonder." “It’s rare that art-pop matches its extravagance with such alluring modesty. In doing so, Paradise of Replica feels like encountering cinematic spectacles in miniature.” —Joshua Minsoo Kim (Pitchfork, September 30, 2022) pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/after-dinner-paradise-of-replica/ * ※Limited edition CD "Paradise of Replica / Paradise of Remixes" (Remastered 2000) is available at Mescalina. ※CDエディション盤「パラダイス・オブ・レプリカ / パラダイス・オブ・リミックス」(2000年リマスター版)は、Mescalinaで販売中です。

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