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VA - ZZAJ: Jazz from the 23rd Century (2xCD/Album/2022)

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■ ZZAJ: Jazz from the 23rd Century ■ by Various Artists 「ZZAJ: ジャズ・フロム・23世紀」 DISC1 1- Amanda Chaudhary - Donershtik (Meow Mix) 2- Amy Denio - UNTRAPT 3- Elliott Sharp - Baile de Sombras 4- Dereck Higgins - I Didn't Hear It On the Radio 5- Haco - Watercrown 6- Prown + Gordon - Grifter 7- A23H - Czernowitz 8- The Marmhelodic Rascals - The March (or Ornette Went Over To Cecil’s House, But Left After About 10 Minutes) 9- Jerry and Michele King - Avalon (For Dereck) 10- Atsuko Kamura - Ginza Street Lights 11- Han-earl Park and Nick Didkovsky - The Curse of Anubis 12- Nubdug Ensemble - Entr'acte 13- David Moss - It's The Galaxies 14- Shawn Persinger is Prester John - The Real Book N thru Z (Abridged) 15- Intige Taluure - Saskatoon 16- Dave Newhouse - Pluck Wind Bang 17- Anthony Coleman - Unfilled Hooks DISC 2 1- Brian Woodbury's Variety Orchestra - Mentally Ill 2- The Lunar Asylum - Zroidian Be Bop 3- Paul Sears - In Praise of Folly 4- Henry Kaiser - Five Death Haiku 5- Forrest Fang and Joseph Benzola - Wrong Exit 6- Argument Club - Diner On the Ship James 7- Frank Chickens - Looking For Me 8- Anthony Pirog - 23rd Century Pirog 9- Compaxident 1 - Dead Ducks 10- Greg Segal - Daily 11- Fred Hodshon with John Shirley & Jerry King - Wordless Whisperer 12- Ron Anderson - Strangulation 13- Leandro Kalen - A Taste of Southern Groove 14- Martin Archer - Song For John Gilmore 15- Tom Djll - The Black Bird Bossa 16- Killick Hinds - Arborial Futurity 17- Steve Beresford - Elastic Articles “Announcing ZZAJ: Jazz from the 23rd Century, a Collection of New Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Pop, and Experimental Music that Explores the Questions: What is Jazz and where is it going? ZZAJ: Jazz from the 23rd Century, is a thrilling new collection of music featuring 34 new songs – all previously unreleased – from artists from all over the world. The brainchild of producers/multi-instrumentalists Jerry King (Cloud Over Jupiter, Moon X, John Shirley & Jerry King) and Dave Newhouse (The Muffins, Manna Mirage, Moon X), ZZAJ asked musicians to interpret jazz from various conceptual viewpoints, particularly avoiding traditional jazz sounds. Says King, “It’s more about where jazz is going, rather than where it’s been. It’s a style of music that’s meant to keep evolving, so that was the goal we set forth for the artists. Not only are all the tracks very different, stylistically and genre-wise, but the various productions are very different as well; from slick to raw. And it’s that variety, I think, that’s really going to make this album stand out. It’s like reading a novel, with surprising twists and turns in it.” ZZAJ includes new music from global artists like Geoff Leigh, Henry Kaiser, Elliott Sharp, Amy Denio, Haco, Alfred Harth, Anthony Coleman and more, and comes in a 2-CD set with a wallet of artist biographies, in their own words. There’s also visual artwork by musicians Dave Newhouse, Pete Prown and the graphics artist Dan Sauer from Jackanapes Press. With a December, 2022 release date, producer King reflects on the massive project: “ZZAJ: Jazz From the 23rd Century presents 34 personal views of what’s coming in the future of jazz. Some of the songs are launch-pads that prepare the listener for the journey, while others have already left the past many years behind in the rear view mirror. Ultimately, it’s an album about exploration.” Compilation producers: Jerry King and Dave Newhouse Mastering engineer: Ian Beabout Front cover design: Eric Kearns Other design and back cover art: Dan Sauer Cover painting: Dave Newhouse Landscape paintings: Pete Prown ヘンリー・カイザー、エリオット・シャープ、エイミー・デニオ、アルフレッド・ハルス、フランク・チキンズ、アンソニー・コールマン、ディヴィッド・モス、ロン・アンダーソン、スティーヴ・ベレスフォード等の世界的前衛音楽家jによる新作委嘱作品34トラックを収録した豪華コンピレーション『ZZAJ: Jazz From the 23rd Century』。Hacoは再編ミックス作品「Watercrown」で参加。 果たして23世紀のジャズの行方は? Gatefold sleeve 見開き紙ジャケット仕様 *Scan QR code for Album Credits and Liner Notes. *アルバム・クレジットとライナーノーツ(QRコード) 付 ■ Label / レーベル ■ JK (KU ZZAJ) (USA) ♪Stream / ストリーム 試聴 https://cloudoverjupiter.bandcamp.com/album/zzaj-jazz-from-the-23rd-century (Cloud Over Jupiter, USA) https://cloudoverjupiter.bandcamp.com/album/zzaj-jazz-from-the-23rd-century (Discus Music, UK) ☁ Reviews / レビュー https://youtu.be/HJmPyHUOp4g —from Dereck Higgins YouTube (November 27, 2022, USA) ※只今、国内では入手困難なアイテムになっております。Mescalinaでは限定数をお取り扱いいたします。

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