VA - Yasujiro Ozu: Hitokomakura (2-CD/Album/2007)
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VA - Yasujiro Ozu: Hitokomakura (2-CD/Album/2007)

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■ Yasujiro Ozu: Hitokomakura ■ by Various Artists 小津安二郎: ひとこまくら Tracklist / 曲目 CD 1: 01. Steve Roden: Tapping The Inside Of Sitting Still 02. Hitoshi Kojo: Ka Ra Mo 03. Koura: Tadaima 04. Kiyoshi Mizutani: Two Tables (2) 05. Aono Jikken Ensemble: Tsuiso (Chasing Memories) 06. Yoshio Machida: Kaze 07. Alejandra & Aeron: Ukigusa 08. Aono Jikken Ensemble: Kodama (Echoes) 09. Haco: Blind 10. Jason Kahn: Pillow Shot 10, Ukigusa 11. Asuna: From Scene 99 To The End - Kohayagawa-ke No Aki 12. Steinbrüchel: Seen 13. Taku Sugimoto: Tengu In Linguistics 14. Sawako: Tooi Soba 15. Dale Lloyd: One And The Same, Beginnings And Endings CD 2: 01. Bernhard Günter: Iki No Kaiga 02. John Hudak: My Windsock 03. Steinbrüchel: Waldsee 04. Toshiya Tsunoda: Similar Figure On Horizon 05. Keith Berry: Hatsu Yume 06. Kiyoshi Mizutani: Two Tables (1) 07. Michael Shannon: Hitan 08. Koura: Dakara 09. Roel Meelkop: Ukigusa 10. Marc Behrens: Samma No Aji 11. Lawrence English: Before That Tower Lies 12. Sukora: Rendered 13. Michael Shannon & Dean Moore: Jiken 14. Heribert Friedl: W* 15. Michael Shannon: Graced By Loneliness 16. Dale Lloyd: Return To Me Who Sleeps "This is the second of a series of label projects pertaining to film directors. The first one was for Andrei Tarkovsky, the third one is currently in progress and pertains to Michelangelo Antonioni's "Tetralogy" (L'Avventura/La Notte/L'Eclisse/Deserto Rosso). This second release turns its focus upon Yasujiro Ozu's use of "pillow shots" (i.e. short poetic pauses that appear between the acting segments of his films). The term "pillow shot" was not coined by Ozu himself, but several years after his passing in the early 1960s by a Japanese journalist who was trying to draw a comparison of the intermediate scenes to "pillow words" found in traditional Japanese poetry. This is a double CD release with both CDs featuring audio plus a cross-platform compatible PDF booklet containing pillow shots (courtesy of Criterion Collection) and liner notes. Each artist featured on this release was asked to choose one or more "pillow shots" to use as inspiration for their pieces. A large assortment of pillow shots was provided for the artists to choose from. The artists also watched the films from which the pillow shots came from in order to get a sense of how their chosen pillow shots were employed by Ozu. The sound work featured represents a wide range of artistic approaches, but as always with these projects, the artists were chosen specifically, based on their previous work and on how it might contribute to the collective whole of each project." Liner note text by Doug Cummings (Masters Of Cinema and and Dale Lloyd (and/OAR, 2007) "海外でも評価が高い日本の映画監督、小津安二郎。小津の映画には「ピローショット」と呼ばれる物語とは関係のない詞的な風景ショットを入れ込む手法が使われていて、このCDは、様々なアーティストたちに、その小津映画のピローショットシーンを選んでもらい、それをテーマに曲を作ってもらったというコンセプトCD。面白い視点の小津トリビュートCDです。またCDにはPDFファイルが収録されていて、アーティスト達がどのピローショットを選んだのか見る事が出来ます。" Hacoは、フィールドレコーディングを元にした音響作品「Blind」で参加。 *2-CD set / digipak 2枚組CD / デジパック仕様 ■ Label / レーベル ■ and/OAR (and/26) (USA) ☁ Details / 詳細 ♪Samples / 試聴 Hitokomakura (excerpts) Ozu Pillow Shots ☁ Rviews (excerpts) / レヴュー (抜粋) "Japanese film maker Yasujiro Ozu became famous in the post-war period for his depictions of family life amid the tensions of modernity, and his influential use of 'pillow shots' - images of empty domestic space inserted between the main scenes. The latter inspired this wonderfully conceived and executed tribute to Ozu's art. Each artist was invited to select one of these shots, electronic images of which accompany the package, and compose a track to compliment it. Despite the range of idioms on display, from delicate electroacoustic tapestries (Bernhard Gunter) and meditative drones (Keith Berry) to bucolic field recordings (Kiyoshi Mizutani) and frequent uses of silence (almost all), each perfectly serves their respective image. Highlights include Steve Roden's beautiful pairing of chiming guitar and hushed percussive patterns; label owner Dale Lloyd's gently shifting gamelan shapes; and Taku Sugimoto's "Tengu In Linguistics", where he drops six strident piano notes into a reductive vacuum, reflecting another of Ozu's themes, the eschewal of action in favour of the contemplation of the surrounding space." —Spencer Grady (The Wire, UK - September 2007)