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VA - There and Back Again Prints (CS/Album/2021) 【+ DL/ART PRINT/BUTTON (アートカード/缶バッジ)】

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■ There and Back Again Prints ■ by Various Artists 「ゼア・アンド・バック・アゲン・プリンツ」 Tracklist / 曲目 1- mynameisblueskye - Lacking in Tranquility 2- Lida Husik - Evil From Good 3- Cryostasium - Lower Brinstar (Underground Depths) 4- Haco + Happiness Proof - Less Than Lovers, More Than Friends (Live/Remix 2021) 5- NTERNET CLUB - AURORA 2 AND FANFARE 6- INTERNET CLUB - LOOP LINE 7- Petridisch featuring Leah Callahan - Working for the Man 8- The Fantastic Imagination - Biddy Early 9- suchamazingdoge - asonofman 10- vylter - Poison Worthy of the Grail 11- Whettman Chelmets - Road of Trials (s l u s h s t r i n g s mix) *Limited Edition Deluxe Cassette + DL Code + Numbered Art Print 限定デラックス・カセット + ダウンロード・コード + アートカード "A new compilation from the experimental Fish Prints label ranges from surreal ambient sound collages to rough-edged indie pop." —New and Notable (Bandcamp, USA - June, 2021) 米国ボストンのレーベルFish Printsの特製コンピレーション・カセット。11組の多彩な所属アーティストによる新トラック。 ※Includes "Haco + Happiness Proof - Less Than Lovers, More Than Friends (Live/Remix 2021)" 「HACO + ハッピネス・プルーフ - Less Than Lovers, More Than Friends (ライブ/リミックス 2021) 」を収録。 *professionally pressed and dubbed blue glitter Fox Premium Ferro cassettes, in resealable polybag. 青色光沢カセットテープ (Fox Premium Ferro cassettes)に、プロフェッショナル・プレスダビング。 *includes deluxe "Vinyl Cassette Album" packaging (almost VHS clamshell style) with full color insert, dual sided J-card, art print by Annie Haslam, and physical download code. VHSサイズのビニール・カセット・ケース、Annie Haslamによるフルカラー・アート作品挿入 + ダウンロードコード・カード付 *first 10 mailorders will receive a 3" x 2" pinback button featuring exclusive artwork by Annie Haslam www.anniehaslam.com *先着10名様にAnnie Haslam 特製缶バッジ7.8cm x 5.4cm をプレゼント。 ☁ Details / 詳細 & stream / 試聴 https://fishprintsinc.bandcamp.com/album/there-and-back-again-prints Teaser / ティーザー https://www.instagram.com/p/CRJYReQjFd4/ ■ Label / レーベル ■ Fish Prints (RD 100) (USA) https://fishprintsinc.bandcamp.com * Track credit of "Haco + Happiness Proof - Less Than Lovers, More Than Friends (Live/Remix 2021)" Haco: vocals & guitar Atsushi Tsuyama: guitar Christopher Stephens: guitar Bill (of COA): drums Makoto Inada: contrabasses Words & music by Haco Live recording by Yoshie Yasuumi at Bears, Osaka in 2000 Additional recordings by Haco at Mescalina, Kobe in 2007 & 2020 Mixed and produced by Haco in 2020 * ※Limited quantities / 数量に限りがございます 

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